Real Estate Law

With real estate being the driving force behind the local economy, our law firm is specialised in providing services structured to meet the unique needs of clients investing in real estate—whether the investment is in a permanent home, holiday home, or multiple properties purchased solely for investment purposes. Ranging from private individuals to developers and investors, our clients all are provided the same standard of service, regardless of the amounts involved.

In real estate transactions, our main concerns are accuracy and security. With transaction amounts typically high, an error can represent a big loss to the client, so it is imperative that every detail is carefully checked, including careful examination of the properties´ documents, as well as committed negotiation and study of the contract.

Real estate transactions in Portugal are not simple, and often it is not clear to the parties what is being done, and why. Even Portuguese nationals have difficulty understanding the different stages preceding transfer of ownership. Clear communication and up-to- date, easy-to-understand information is essential.

Detailed information implies a detailed report on the money spent. Clients are entitled to know exactly what payments are made, who is paid, and how much. Namely what is paid to the notary, the land registry office, and all the other entities involved.

Each country has different laws and procedures. It is important the client’s expectations are understood and known, so that they are met, and if they cannot be met, that the client understands the legal differences between countries, and why a procedure that might be simple abroad, may not be possible in Portugal. Communication in English and the translation of all relevant documents is a rule in our office.

The client might not be a legal expert, and some documents might be difficult to understand, nevertheless we believe that the client is entitled to access them. This is a service we provide whether we are processing the purchase of a small apartment, or are the legalteam in charge of a specially regulated Project of National Interest (in Portuguese a PIN project, which entailsan investment equal or superior to 25 million Euros). We provide the same standard of service to all our clients.