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About Us

Although we act more in the areas of Real Estate Law and Litigation our real expertise is the client.

In an information society, access to knowledge is easily available, a lawyer can find out about the applicable law to almost any subject matter in a relatively short time, making it possible to provide a full range of services to the client.

When we decide to accept a case, our main concern is not whether the matter falls into a specific law category or type of regulation where we feel more comfortable, our main concern is to understand the client’s situation or business, and find in law the best solution.

Our team’s working method is a consequence of our approach to how a legal service should be rendered to a client. Other law offices promote the specialization of their members, and give each matter to a specific lawyer, on a different approach we work together in almost all files and clients.

The goal is to improve the quality of service, as the client can always count with the total expertise from our team in the matter, as well most of the team is always familiar with all files allowing all members of the team to act in the file, making the rendering of services faster, and if one of the members does not have the time to perform a certain task, another one will do it.

Information wise, the fact that all lawyers are informed about the file allows that if a team member is busy, another one can inform the client almost immediately of the file status.

As well a lot of our meetings with clients, negotiations, or even trials are done by the two lawyers of the office, which allows for an instant sharing of knowledge and opinions between us, and the client, in order to achieve a better and faster response to the problems that arise on those situations.